Here are some ideas for my first blog posts. Feel free to comment or add topics.

1 ) Public History Definitions: What is and What is NOT Public History?
First things first. What do we call Public History? Does Public History have the same meaning in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, China…?
What do we include in Public History? Alternatively, is everything part of Public History? How do we select what to teach in Public History?

2 ) Public History, an International/Global field?
Based on my forthcoming talk at the 2016 IFPH annual conference in Bogotá, I will question the existence of an international public history. Public History has strong links with local and family history. Is it possible/necessary to enlarge the scope of Public History projects? What could be the audiences of international Public History projects? Can new media help and what are the challenges?

3 ) How to teach an Introduction to Public History course?
How to review such a large field during a single course? What kind of assignments can be used? How undergraduate and graduate (master) introduction to Public History differ?

Do not hesitate to comment and/or propose additional subjects.