Blog. How to Teach…?

As I explained in my previous post, I believe we need working definitions of public history. Defining public history remains one of the most difficult questions we may have to answer though. Public historians constantly have to explain to colleagues, partners, students, what it is and how it may differ from “regular history”. I asked […]

After some preliminary discussions, it is now time to start exploring public history training. As stated above, I am particularly interested in the different ways we can train students to become public historians. I began thinking about public history training while writing my recently published public history textbook.  One of the first questions I asked […]

Here are some ideas for my first blog posts. Feel free to comment or add topics. 1 ) Public History Definitions: What is and What is NOT Public History? First things first. What do we call Public History? Does Public History have the same meaning in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, China…? What do […]

In this blog, I (Thomas Cauvin) will discuss, explore, and ask your input regarding the different ways we can teach and learn public history. Initially based on my Public History textbook, my posts will cover topics such as historic preservation, archives, oral history, digital public history, ethics, public policy … and many more. Feel free […]